The other day Naomi and I were reminiscing about our rebellious younger years. I was so certain I would never get married.Funny how you can look back at your old self and shake your head thinking if you only knew.This year I have 2 resolutions. The first is to eat more Phil's barbecue and the second is to celebrate more. Both have been going pretty well. Ill confess to having a series of goals that I work toward daily and quarterly but resolutions should be joyous. Ok so to tie that all together, this year I'm getting married and want to go to dinner at 8pm on valentines day. That's a big statement for me because it makes far more sense to go out the day before or after when things are less crazy. But I think I'm kind of getting the whole 8pm dinner thing. Today I was listening to taylor swift (I know I know blame it on Glee or Hanna) and I felt teary eyed about this song called "mine". Side note- It's terrible don't listen, I'll be humiliated, I should not be using my blog as a confessional. #bansuzannefrombloggingonshewanders Mike ofeldt is the best thing that has ever been mine. So since he's the one that anchors me and holds on to us with everything he has, I want the 8pm reservation. Love isn't always practical and you don't always see it coming but if you are lucky enough to have a Mike Ofeldt then I think you owe it to the world to celebrate the cheesiest day. I think it's good to celebrate the things that you want more of in your life. Mike ofeldt will you be my Valentine and take me to dinner at 8pm? Say yes.

Your Valentine, Suzanne shewanders.blog




































Photo Credit Maryanne McGuire