Movie night

For a long time now I have wanted to join a book club. Somehow in the last couple of years it hasn't happened.  I'm a making things happen kind of girl, so this surprised me.  A lot of my friends are in clubs and although I excel at drinking wine, chatting, and reading I have yet to get an offer.Until now that is. It's kind of a book club for movie buffs.  There is chatting, drinking wine, gin, vodka, and the occasional everclear ( seriously) and instead of talking about some cool book we've read we watch a movie.I personally like art films or bad chick flicks. Luckily our movie club leans to the artistic side. How could it not with Scott and Jenny from Quixotic weddings on the couch every Sunday we are all in town? So if you have a favorite movie that will impress Mike, Scott or Jenny let me know.  I am oddly competitive and want them to like my film choices the best :) Our first week I brought Rabbit Proof Fences. It's an incredible epic. And I love Australia. I decided there are bonus points for anything related to Australia, Italy, Iceland or the Galapagos.  No one had seen it and everyone seemed to be impressed. The only downside is now they know I cry during most movies at some point. The second week Jenny picked. City of God.  I have always wanted to see it but shied away from the violence.  It's definitely worth watching.  Put it in your Netflix queue.  I gave that movie bonus points for having a photographer as a main character. Sunday is my new favorite day. Happy Friday friends! Xoxo Suzanne

ps Hawaii pics to come soon.  Here is a teaser of a new friend I made.