rooftop photos by Intern : Olivia

Howdy! I'm Olivia and I started interning for SheWanders last Spring. It was an experience I will forever remember and I'll always bear in mind the innumerable lessons I learned along the way. Suzanne and Mike are two of the greatest photographers, and people, that I have been lucky (and thankful) enough to have met. One awesome day at work, Suzanne and Mike took us interns to the top of a roof downtown. Not only did we get to dress up and have our make-up and hair done (by the phenomenally talented Audra René of Audra René Studio and her friend Elena) but we got to use Suzanne and Mike's incredible cameras and lenses to learn about photo-shoots, the proper positioning of models, correct exposure, and much more. One funny fact they taught us, which I'll admit I sometimes drop into conversations, that I thought was quite interesting, was that everyone has a masculine and feminine side to their faces. You just have to put up your hand, so as to split one's face in half and then decide, as the photographer, which side would be best for them to pose with. Of course either way they'll look beautiful, but who knew that a "better side" actually existed?? I will admit that now, when I try to look buff, I turn to my left ;) haha. I'm forever thankful for the time I spent at SheWanders and will carry the lessons I learned with me towards becoming a professional photographer. Thank you Suzanne and Mike!Wishing you nothing but smiles,

Olivia from the Wanderers  :)

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