Happy Monday to all! I apologize for the late post... I've been driving back to San Diego from Santa Fe, New Mexico after an long weekend with one of my best friends. Santa Fe is an absolutely gorgeous place- full of color, culture, and 360 degree views of the surrounding mountain ranges. Twelve hours of driving was tough... but talking to my sister about HER FUTURE WEDDING made it much easier!!   Yep, my sister got engaged! I couldn't be more excited for her, and I am equally excited to help her plan for her special day. The wedding will be simple, yet unconventional. One of the details at the top of her list (and mine) - flowers!  One of the details that SheWanders is so great at capturing - flowers!  Stay tuned for up to date details on the planning process... and have a wonderful week!  xoxo... Jessica of the Wanderersshewanders photography, san diego wedding flowers

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shewanders photography, san diego wedding flowers

Listen to one of my favorite Talking Head's tunes: "(Nothing But Flowers)"