Happy Monday.... and New Year!! I'm sorry for my missing post last Monday... I admit to getting caught up in the holidays. As the baby of five in family with children living in San Diego stretching all the way to Charleston, South Carolina, we always have a lot of catching up to do when we get together. Like in any big family, between the storytelling and listening lies a few misunderstandings and quarrels. Everyone has their own distinct perspectives. I could go on and on about my wacky, unique, loving family... but the point that I wanted to get across today is that few situations or ideas can be looked as black or white. When we disagree with friends or family, we shouldn't automatically shake our heads or stop listening. It's not always wrong or right, yes or no. With so many personalities and view points crammed together during the holidays, it was so important for my family to truly listen to each other and attempt to understand one another's perspectives. There are so many gray areas in life; nothing is simply black or white. Except these gorgeous photos! xoxo... Jessica of the Wanders

Speaking of black and white- The new Black Keys album is a-mazing. I received it for Christmas and I can't stop listening to it! Here is one of my favorites- coincidentally named "Sister"!