Kiss and Tell : Dress to the Nine November

For some reason, every Thanksgiving I choose to get dressed up from head to toe in order to sit around the table and eat a big fat turkey with the fam. In hind sight, this is quite silly! Silly because I change into sweats at the end of the meal due to my skirt feeling a bit more snug. In order to still look stylish in my sweats, I always remember to accessorize. In search of looking for Thanksgiving accessories, I began to think about all the different accessories people wear during weddings. Since working in the wedding industry, it has become normal for my thoughts to be consumed by weddings. Here are some beautiful brides sharing their something blue, something borrowed and something new. Enjoy!Dos Besos, KatieHere is Morgan's Story about her wedding day choices.

Old - my shoes! I wore one of my favorite old pairs of gold strappy sandals because they're pretty and great for dancing. new - My dress! It was custom made for me, making it extra new. Does that count? :) I was going to wear a new jeweled headband, but then went with flowers and succulents in my hair. borrowed - One of my bridesmaids lent me her grandmother's beautiful gold and amethyst earrings. blue - I wore my grandmother's old wedding ring, the centerpiece of which is sapphire. san diego wedding photography, beach wedding, pinata, sunglassessan diego wedding photography, flowers, wedding hairstyle, wedding dresssan diego wedding photography, wedding ring, wedding shoessan diego wedding photography, wedding party, reception, kiss and from our bride Jamie

OLD: My "old" is embarrassing; I have a pair of blue panties that I bought my sophomore year in college. They are clean and very cute! Since almost all the wedding accessories I wore were "new," I had to get creative ;) Also, I have a emerald ring that Adam, my hubby, gave me in 2007 that could be considered "old."

NEW: Adam gave me beautiful chandelier earrings as a wedding present. I proudly wore those earrings as my "new" item. My dress, shoes, veil, wedding ring and garter were all new as well.

BORROWED: I borrowed a tennis bracelet from a dear friend, Shirley. I was delicate and the perfect complement to my attire.

BLUE: Our wedding was decorated in royal blue and sunset colors. Blue was everywhere for our big day, including on my bridesmaids' dresses. The primary blue items I wore were my garter and a white handkerchief with blue decorative knitting my mother-in-law made which was the base of my bridal bouquet. Additionally, I had blue delphiniums in my bridal bouquet which incorporated another blue component. san diego wedding photography, wedding shoes, earringssan diego wedding photography, wedding ring, bouquet, tennis bracelet, kiss, custom handkerchief, blue lace san diego wedding photography, outdoor wedding, wedding canopy