Hello!  Hope you aren't too frustrated with me because of my missing MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY post last week... it won't happen again.  I came across these photographs when looking in the Shewander's collection the other day; I love the roles the horizon and bright blue sky play.  The sky seems infinite.  Try to take some time for yourself this week- maybe lying in the grass looking at the clouds, or sitting on a bench gazing at the moon.  Things are looking up.  xoxo.... Jessica from the Wanderers shewanders photography, san diego wedding photographersshewanders photography, san diego wedding photographers, jessica fahey

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I'm attaching "Married Life" composed by Michael Giacchino from the amazing animated film Up.  The song is so beautiful and filled with emotion, as is the film clip.  Carl achieves his childhood dream by floating to Paradise Falls in his house that is attached with a bushel of balloons. I wonder how many balloons it would take to get me in the clouds!