Read to Me

Lately I have been obsessed with reading.  Since I was nine I have always devoured books.  I think my first book was Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing.  After that, I was hooked.  There was a period a few years ago, when I only started books and never finished them.  I must have had too much on my mind at the time.  At one point Jen Morisson banned me from Amazon.  I couldn't stop ordering books, they were everywhere.  She was designing my new condo and couldn't help but notice I had a problem.  It took me a few years to actually read the dozens of books I had ordered.  Now I'm just buying them as I go.Reading a good book is like traveling into someone else's life.  This book Little Bee by Chris Cleave took me about 36 hours to read.  I couldn't stop.  I was so drawn in.  The excerpt below isn't really indicative of what the book is about, but it is so funny to me.  I hope one day you'll get a chance to read this book.

Happy Friday, Suzanne "In my village, each year when the rains stopped, the men went to the town and they brought back a projector and a diesel generator, and they tied a rope between two trees, and we watched a film on a white sheet that they hung from the rope. There was no sound, only the rumble of the generator and the shrieking of the creatures in the jungle. This is how we learned about your world. the only film we had was Top Gun and we watched it five times. It was a film about a man who had to travel everywhere very fast, sometimes on a motorbike and sometimes in an aeroplane. We discussed this, the children in my village, and we decided two things: one, that the film should be called The Man Who Was In a Great Hurry and two, that the moral of the film was that he should get up earlier so that he would not have to rush to fit everything into his day, instead of lying around with the woman with blond hair that we called The Stay-In-Bed Woman."