Sweet Treat October : an interview with the CAKE girls

I love CAKE.  more specifically I love the company CAKE.  I have known them since I first started shewanders in 2002.  They have inspired me and encouraged me every day since.  I hope you enjoy the interview and have a chance to one day eat a CAKE cake.  With Love,  Suzanne
PS How fabulous is this shoot for Exquisite Weddings?  The cake was such a highlight.  See more of this shoot here.  Also hat's off to our gorgeous models.  Ella from Brightly Designed.  Emma from the Little Hen House.   Noah from Root 75.  These are some talented kids.  See more from this shoot here.san diego wedding photography, shewanders fabcakes.com, white cake with grey ribbonla jolla wedding cake, blue cake stand, white tiered cake with yellow and pink flowers, grey ribbon with polka dots san diego wedding photography, flower girl with cake, ring bearer with cake, shewanders photography
Interview with the CAKE girls.
1. How do you come up with your CAKE designs?

-If it's left completely up to us, we try to get as creative as possible. We determine decor by theme, color and manifest the design through art. Or, we ask the clients for their vision and do our best to capture it.

2. Have you ever had an imaginary friend? who/what was it?

-No, but I used to imagine that my stuffed animals and dolls came alive when I left the room.

3. Is there any specific music/artist/song that gets your creative juices flowing?

-Honestly, when we're suffering through a long shift, Jenn and I put on the "Ying Yang Twins" station on Pandora and dance!

4. What’s the best topping to put on ice cream?

-Thick hot fudge, home made whipped cream and a ton of roasted spanish peanuts.

5. What would you carve into a pumpkin?

-A goofy monster

6. What’s your favorite “old wives” tale?

-Swallowing watermelon seeds will grow a plant in your stomach and the stork brings a new baby home.

7. If you could have a super power what would it be?

-TO FLY!!!!

Shoot Credits:  Katherine Farley/Root 75, Courtney Scowby/Brightly Designed, Summer Watkins/Grey Likes, Kimberly and Jennifer/CAKE and Alyssa McNees/EW.  Jenny/Luxe Special Events