I asked our intern Katie to tell me about a wonderful abroad experience and to attach a couple of photos.  Take me to Buenos Aires!!  xoxo.. Jessica of the WanderersLast Winter Break, I was fortunate enough to venture to Buenos Aires with my family for New Years. What initially sparked the family trip to the beautiful city was my brilliant idea to take a Spanish class through my University, USD, in Buenos Aires. My family also saw my Spanish class as a great opportunity to venture to Buenos Aires and join in on the fun-- my family has a knack for traveling. My family and I went a week before my classes started and arrived on New Years. Exploring with my family allowed me to adjust to life in the city as well as discover all of it's hidden treasures. By the time my classmates arrived, I felt comfortable navigating around the city as if I were a local. My family only stayed in Buenos Aires for a week and a half but I on the other hand was lucky enough to stay for four weeks. I stayed with the sweetest house family anyone could ever ask for. Not only did my family rock but they lived in the best part of town, Palermo-- where all the best shopping and bars are located :). I spent my mornings taking Spanish classes, mid day exploring the city, dinner with my host family and nights out in the streets of Buenos Aires with my classmates! It was an amazing experience and I would love to go back!