September Style : Kelly

Real Bride Kelly tells us her dress story today.  Kelly had a beautiful spring wedding at the Darlington House in La Jolla.  You can see some more images from Kelly and Jeff's feature on the Wedding jolla wedding photography, the darlington house, shewanders photographyla jolla wedding photography, shewanders photography, the darlington house

Finding the one can be quite an adventure. And by “the one,” I mean the white dress you wear on your wedding day. If you’re like me, you’ll want to see all the wedding dresses – and I mean all of them - and then narrow them down to a few contenders. Then, by a less than scientific process of elimination, you pick the best gown for your wedding dress. I booked quite a few appointments at local bridal salons and boutiques to make sure I could see as many options as possible. After trying on a lot of dresses, I felt lost. I didn’t have a few contenders like I thought I would and nothing seemed to be quite right.

When trying on wedding dresses, you and/or the consultant picks out dozens of dresses from a sea of white and ivory. It can be very overwhelming (especially if you’re not exactly sure what you want – and who is?). The tides of my search turned when I tried on an all-lace gown at Priscilla of Boston in San Francisco. Although I had doubts about all of the lace, all doubt left me as soon as I was zipped up and clipped in. It felt like someone waved a magic wand and poof! The feeling was very surreal, especially after trying on a large number of dresses. I couldn’t stop smiling and looking at it in the mirror. Seriously, the smile wouldn’t leave my face. After gazing at the dress for quite some time, my consultant asked if I wanted to try on another dress. I reluctantly took off the beautiful gown. I tried on a few more dresses but quickly decided that they belonged in the sea of white and ivory, instead of my wedding pictures. I went immediately back to the all-lace dress and kept it on for the rest of my appointment. After feeling so comfortable and very much relieved, I finally verbalized my decision. I found the one. Lots of love!! Kelly