I asked one of our wonderful interns Olivia about her amazing abroad adventure this summer.  As happy as I am for her... I am so glad she's back!  xoxo... Jessica from the WanderersThis past summer, that is sadly closing to an end soon, was one of the greatest adventures of my life thus far! I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to study abroad in Europe for two whole months. I jumped for joy when I was accepted into the program and couldn't wait to explore and be immersed in cultures I had never experienced. I studied photography in Paris for a month and then a different class in London. Many people ask which country was my favorite but they are hardly comparable; each has its own unique and beautiful qualities. London was an absolute blast! The people were so friendly and inexplicably hilarious! I visited as many places I could including cathedrals, the London Eye, Buckingham palace, Borough Markets, and even a boat tour of the Thames! Everywhere in London is incredible, especially those sweet taxi cabs! The streets are overflowing with history and magnificent monuments everywhere you go. My favorite parts of London were definitely the people and my new-found favorite means of transportation--walking. San Diego is hardly a practical city for walking to and from places, but it was so refreshing to be able to walk to markets or pubs and be constantly surrounded by interesting things to look at along the way. I will always remember the friends I made on my journey and will carry the memories with me forever. It was a life changing experience that provided me with a broader perspective on the world and the wonderful people that live in it :)

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