September Style : Salina

Real Bride Salina is on the blog today to tell us her dress story.  Her dress is so beautiful and what a beautiful girl.  Hair up or down, veil on or off, Salina was a knock out.

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break. The owner Michelle was great and I told her about my dilemma- I had another dress (that’s a
whole other story, but to sum it up, the first dress was just not right) and I was running out of time. She
told me to take a look at what she had and we’d go from there. I chose a few dresses to try on and after
the first one, which wasn’t doing much for me, Michelle said, “I think I have just what you are looking
for- give me a minute.”
A few minutes later she came back with a dress that hadn’t been on the boutique floor. It was literally
in a FedEx box ready to be shipped back to the designer Junko Yoshioka in NYC. Michelle had the
sample on loan for another bride who saw it online and had tried it on over the weekend. Fortunately
for me it was still in the boutique, and the second I had it on I knew it was the dress I wanted to get
married in! I didn’t cry, but I felt very happy and confident in my choice. I loved it so much I kept it on
for a good 40 minutes. In fact, I actually had it on when the FedEx delivery man came into the shop to
pick up outgoing packages (aka my dress). Thankfully Michelle asked him to come back in 15 minutes
(thus I was forced to take off my dress), and thankfully I decided to stop by M Bride during my lunch
break rather than after work or else I may never have seen my dress. I am so happy I followed my heart
and found a wedding dress that I loved and was uniquely me!

xoxo Salina

What's your dress story?