Kiss and Tell : Bridal Advice with Julie

Julie and Mike are a multi cultual couple who embraced their ethnic traditions. Their wedding consisted of a Jewish ceremony as well as a Korean ceremony. Their wedding was modern, stylish and sophisticated. When Julie and Mike first saw each other, it was an emotionally charged moment. Suzanne said she felt her heart in her throat. They are a quirky couple with a wicked sense of humor. Meet the calm, relaxed and stunning Julie and hear what words of wisdom she has to offer!Dos Besos, Katie from the Wandererssan diego wedding photography, prado wedding photography, balboa park weddings, korean bride, hotel solamarsan diego wedding photography, prado wedding photography, balboa park weddings, sepia romantic photograph of bride and groomsan diego wedding photography, prado wedding photography, balboa park weddings, san diego wedding photography, prado wedding photography, balboa park weddings,  julie and mike are hotsan diego wedding photography, prado wedding photography, balboa park weddings,  prado ballroom, shewanders photography

1) How did you mentally prepare for the big day?

-When I was in grad school (a long and tedious six year process), my adviser often told me to "keep [my] eyes on the prize, and to never lose sight of the big picture." I think this was a great life lesson, because it is easy to get overwhelmed in the minutiae. Mike and I had a ton of details to be worried about, and the last three weeks leading up to the wedding were especially stressful. But I tried to remain focused on the big picture and all of the love I felt for the man I was about to be married to!

2) Did you have any events surrounding the wedding. I.E baseball game, rehearsal dinner, brunch, bachelorette party? Tell us about it.

- Our wedding was somewhat of a mini-destination wedding, as we are from LA, Mike's family is from Philly, and our wedding was in SD. So our wedding day actually became a wedding weekend. We a tour of Petco Park, a morning run, a rehearsal dinner, an after party at the Solamar, and a post-wedding breakfast! It was so much fun, and I was so grateful that I had an amazing mother and father in law that planned all of these events! My bachelorette party was a cruise to Mexico that my girlfriends planned, it was so much fun!

3) What is something that makes for a great wedding day?

-The best part of the wedding day was the sheer emotions in the air. I didn't think I would feel so happy and emotional, but I couldn't stop crying (happy tears) and laughing all day. I never felt so happy in my life.

4) Did you see your spouse for the first time before the ceremony or during the ceremony? How did you feel?

-Suzanne staged our first sighting at the Solamar. She had Mike face the wall and told me to call his name when I was ready. I didn't expect to feel so nervous, but I did! When I called out "Schaaarfy" (my nickname for Mike), our eyes met from across the room and we both teared up, because we were both so happy and excited. He cried and said, "you look so beautiful," and I never felt so beautiful in my life.

5) What is one of your favorite memories?

-I will never ever forget Mike's vows to me. They were simply put, brilliant. He had all of our guests laughing and crying! My favorite line is: "For the last 2 and half years, all the best parts of my days have involved you: watching your morning stretch which is invariably accompanied by sounds that can only be described as a cross between the cries of a teething toddler and the mating call of some tropical bird..." When Mike said his vows to me, there was not even the slightest doubt in my mind how much this man loved me and how much I loved him.

6) What song do you most remember on the dance floor?

-Our first dance! "Fake Empire" by the National.

7) What is a piece of advice you wish you had known before the big day?

-Someone told me to "enjoy the moment," and I really tried to enjoy every second of it, but there were definitely some meltdown moments, and I really wish I didn't have those specific moments, and was able to really enjoy every minute of the day. (But it was really stressful!)

8 ) Weddings are wonderful, but share some marriage tips please!

-Always be your partner's best friend, and try to always be the best person you can be. Never forget how you felt on the day you married your partner. :)