I grew up in the valley. That means hot summers and a deep love for all things that cool you down. I don't know if people from temperate climates can ever know the joy that I get from swimming pools, waterslides, misters, ice cream, otterpops etc.My favorite part about Vegas is that so many people share my enthusiasm for swimming pools and chilly treats.Here are a couple of iPhone snaps from our road trip. Our friends came to visit us from Italy and that is what sparked a trip to Vegas in August.  I wish I had pictures of me, Mike, Cristina, Aurora, Elisa, and Lauriedonna, but it seems that I only had eyes for the swimming pool and Mike Ofeldt. I'll do better next time.

Anyone have a recommendation for a water resistant camera?  Wet hands and the iphone were tricky.  Also the New York Times had a fun feature on pool photography by Katie Orlinsky for more pool joy but on some Beach Boys and click here. Baci, Suzanne

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