Kiss and Tell : Acumen August with Palka

Palka, Hrishi and their families opened their hearts for three days to Suzanne and Mike. They never got caught up in the festivities and always knew why and what they were celebrating. Suzanne loved how warm, inclusive and involved both families were. Palka's incredible amount of energy cannot be described in words but her sincerity and emotional availableness shine through the pictures. Mike's favorite part of the day was the groom's procession to the ceremony. It was full of excitement, laughter and music. He loved all the outfits, colors and enjoyed shooting the care-free members of the family. Meet Palka and hear what she has to share! Feel free to voice your thoughts!Dos Besos, Katie from the Wanderers

Palka and husband, San Diego Wedding Photography, SheWanders Wedding Photography

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palka and family, San Diego Wedding Photography, SheWanders Wedding Photography

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1) How did you mentally prepare for the big day?

-I am honestly not sure. I guess I would say that I focused on the small things. Kept my mind focused on what mattered and didnt get boggled down with the stress. I had a great support group in my family and my husband so I always leaned on them. But towards the last few days/weeks...I think I focused on the can feel it building...and when you start seeing your friends and family coming into town for the just makes you feel warm inside and just so darn happy!

2) Did you have any events surrounding the wedding. I.E baseball game, rehearsal dinner, brunch, bachelorette party? Tell us about it.

-Yes we had plenty! Events started on Thursday evening with a mendhi party/bridal shower (henna party with all my girlfriends and family). Friday morning we had a religious ceremony at my parents home (to summarize its like a purification and blessing done for the bride before she starts a new chapter of her life). Friday evening we had a cocktail party (sangeet party). All our close friends and family were invited (200 guests) and we had an outdoor venue set up...dancing, drinking and just spending time with all the people that came to San Diego to celebrate the big day with us. Probably the most fun evening. Saturday we had both the wedding and reception and Sunday we had a brunch for both families at our house. We were EXHAUSTED after all that! (not sure how much detail you want for this..let me know I can always add more?!)

3) What is something that makes for a great wedding day?

-A great day...hmmm...I think to just remember the focus of the day. Its about you and him. And you want to share that with your close family and friends. All the details of the wedding are not important. Just be happy and focused on the love you share...and the love of all your friends and family. That is what honestly got me through. Seeing everyone around you celebrating and having a good time is just priceless.

4) Did you see your spouse for the first time before the ceremony or during the ceremony? How did you feel?

-I saw my husband before the ceremony for pictures. It was exciting...little it hit me then that we were really getting married...the big day was here!! I was scared/nervous/excited...all and every emotion was going through me.

5) What is one of your favorite memories?

-One of my favorite memories...was when my husband and I got a few moments to ourselves after the ceremony and before the wedding. I think that was when it really hit the both of us...we were married...holding hands...and we just looked at each other and our eyes were smiling.

6) What song do you most remember on the dance floor?

-"It wasnt me" by Shaggy. LOL. That is one of my husband's favorite songs...and he was going wild on the dance floor when it was playing. So fun to watch him.

7) What is a piece of advice you wish you had known before the big day?

- That people want to help. I always thought that planning a wedding and asking for help would be a bother to those around me. So I tried to do a lot of it on my own...but I didnt have to do that at all...there were friends and family all around that wanted to help. And I should have asked. Its would have helped me out..and it would have made them feel good too. Lesson learned!

8 ) Weddings are wonderful, but share some marriage tips please!

-Marriage many different things: But most importantly, to help each other be a better human being. To work as a team towards your goals in life and in the relationship. And to remember to laugh and have fun always! I think I love my husband more today than I did the day we got married.