Kiss and Tell : Acumen August with Erin

Romantic and Stylish are two words that Suzanne used to describe Erin and Greg's wedding. They got married at night, inside the El Cortez, which suited them perfectly. The atmosphere was warm and love was in the air. What made their wedding that much more special was that their friend officiated the ceremony. The ceremony was emotional and beautiful, as the bride shed tears of joy. This was Suzanne's favorite memory of the night! Brides-to-be, here is Erin sharing her love. Hear what she has to say and let us know what you have to say!Dos Besos, Katie from the Wanderers

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1) How did you mentally prepare for the big day?

I don't think I did anything special. As calm as I was throughout the 15 months of planning, I started to panic a little in the week leading up to the wedding. But, I just had to convince myself that I trusted my vendors and everything would work out. The day before, I had a spa day with my mother, sister in law, and bridal party for a day of relaxation.

2) Did you have any events surrounding the wedding. I.E baseball game, rehearsal dinner, brunch, bachelorette party? Tell us about it.

Greg had a bachelor party up in Santa Barbara. Not the Vegas type, he rented a house and had about 7 guys drive up together in his parents' RV for a weekend of barbecuing, surfing and football on the beach. I also opted for something low key for my bachelorette and got a hotel room up in Santa Monica with a few friends. We had a great dinner and went out for drinks afterward, and brunch the next morning. The night before we had our rehearsal dinner at Ortega's, a restaurant we love. Because our wedding was small to begin with (80 people) the rehearsal dinner was limited to family and the bridal party, so after dinner we met up with our friends from out of town at Basic for a few drinks.

3) What is something that makes for a great wedding day?

I think just realizing that everyone at your wedding is there to celebrate you and your significant other. Because the wedding was small, we knew everyone really well, so it felt really special. Also, just letting little things go, if some things aren't quite "perfect" or exactly the way you envisioned them. It's still your wedding day (and no one else will notice!).

4) Did you see your spouse for the first time before the ceremony or during the ceremony? How did you feel?

I did see my spouse prior to the ceremony, thanks to Suzanne! I had originally wanted the first time he saw me to be walking down the aisle, but I am so GLAD we did pictures before hand! That way we were able to actually attend our cocktail hour (and eat the amazing food by Guiseppe) and walking down the aisle was still really special and emotional.

5) What is one of your favorite memories?

I think my favorite memory was the vows. I LOVED our ceremony and was something we labored over for months, since we wrote it ourselves (and I am DEVASTATED we don't have a copy of it). We also wrote our own vows and I think Greg's vows were so sweet and humorous, just like him, but I was crying so much after hearing them I could hardly read my own.

6) What song do you most remember on the dance floor?

I remember our first dance the most -- There is a light that never goes out, by The Smiths -- mostly because I got a killer foot cramp and could hardly move. It wasn't quite the romantic moment I had been hoping for. I also remember dancing with all my college friends to Whitney Houston's I wanna dance with somebody. Mick was really hesitant when I asked him to put that on our playlist, but when it came on everyone loved it, dancing and singing every word.

7) What is a piece of advice you wish you had known before the big day?

I don't think there's anything I wished I would have known...

8 ) Weddings are wonderful, but share some marriage tips please!

My two wedding tips are not terribly romantic but... 1) Go to bed angry. If you're fighting, a good night's sleep can give you such different perspective and clarity. 2) Remember you guys are in it for the long haul -- till death do us part! There will be bad days, maybe even bad weeks, but the bottom line is you love each other and it gets better. Marriage is work... and just wait till a baby gets thrown in the mix! ;)