Pantone #286

Lately I am loving Corona commerials.  Sure they have been around for years and they haven't really changed all that much.  But with all the craziness that surrounds moving into a new apartment, I have found a couple of seconds of bliss staring at the Pantone #286 torquoise sky that is a trademark of Corona.  Not only do they taste good on a summers day, but they also conjure up blissful memories of my favorite thing in the whole world, vacation.  OK technically, Mike Ofeldt is my favorite thing in the whole world but vacation is a distant second.These pictures take me back to the blue skies I found in San Diego, La Jolla, an island in Fiji, and Cadaques in Spain.

So now that June Gloom is behind us, Cheers to blue skies!   xoxo Suzanne