Singer FAMILY!

This morning I went to a local English Pub named Shakespeare's, where I watched the Live 2011 Women's World Cup, Semi-Final game between USA and France. The atmosphere was amazing, full of families and friends who had woken up early to partake in cheering on our USA soccer ladies. I have grown up on the soccer field and I have practically been playing soccer my whole entire life; in fact soccer has become a sport that brings my family together. Unfortunately, my parents live in the Bay Area, and my sister in Los Angeles. Luckily, my friends and my boss Suzanne, who have become my family in San Diego, shared the morning and my love of soccer, celebrating the USA Women's victory!After the game, I started to ponder the idea of Family. While doing this, I came across this quote:

Families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts. ~Author Unknown

Regardless of who your family consists of, whether it be family members who are blood related, friends, roommates, bosses or pets, it is important to keep life sweet and a little nutty by always having your fudge near by!

The Singer family, who exude characteristics of fudge, sweet in flavor and rich in love are a great example of what family is about!

Dos Besos, Katie from the Wanderers

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