Modern Family

Modern Family ad, San Diego Wedding Photography, She Wanders PhotographyOkay okay, I know it's summer and all of the shows are on hiatus, but I am really loving catching up on some good tv after a hard day of moving.  First of all, I love the new modern family portrait.  This photograph cracks me up unlike any other.  I hope this idea inspires a lot of big family portraits with a sense of humor.

I was watching the episode "Someone to watch over Lily" and laughing so so embarrassingly loud that I just had to share.  Here is one snippet that I adore.  Happy Friday, xoxo suzanne

Modern Family Recap : "Someone to watch over Lily"

In the episode, Mitchell and Cameron discuss, if, God Forbid, something happened to them, who Lily would go to.

Mitchell- "You know Gloria, Cam and I were talking about what would happen to Lily, if anything were going to happen to us and we were thinking ..."

Gloria- "Omg Sí, Sí, I take her"

Mitchell-"Wow that is very sweet but you realize it would only happen.."

Gloria- "I can't wait!"

Mitchell- "O.K., well hopefully it's a long shot"

Gloria- "Oh, a Little Girl!"

Mitchell- "It would have to be a very tragic accident"

Gloria- "i know, I know. Nothing is going to happen... BUT IF IT DID, We would be so Happy!"