7 Wonders for Wandering brides: Meet Sharon From Organic Elements

Brides-to-Be, Organic Elements is a wondrous business with colorful talents that can help make your wedding a piece of art! Meet Sharon and see what she is up to! dos besos, Katie from the Wanderers


1) What should brides/grooms/curious seekers know about you?

-That I love to create custom weddings, each week my designers and I embark on a new adventure.

2) Why do you love what you are doing?

-I am actually making a living though art, and flowers are my medium. How amazing is that?

3) What makes your business wonderful and stand out from the rest?

-Lateral thinking. We love to bend the rules of structural mechanics and which elements can be used in a floral arrangement... both structural and floral.

4) Where do you find your inspiration?

-Fine art, fashion, architecture and in the eyes of the couples I meet.

5) What does the world need right now?

-Love, understanding and forgiveness.

6) What advice do you have for brides to be?

-All the rules have fallen by the wayside, make it your own. Be consistent, go with your gut and enjoy the ride.

7) If you could go to one of the 7 wonders of the world, where would you go and why?

-Of the old seven, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon of course! It would allow me to combine the florist in me with the years I studied Greek Art History. Of the new, I did visit Chichen Itza and it was amazing!