I’m ready to Make Things Happen

Mike and I are headed to Vegas tomorrow after Essy and Isaac's wedding. We decided it's time to make some goals and get focused. So not only are we going to check out WPPI, but we are also taking a one day seminar with the fabulous Lara Casey. The seminar is called Making Things Happen. I think we are pretty good at making things happen. I am less good at being organized enough to get everything, submitted, blogged, and shared with vendors. And I am extremely less organized at getting to eat at regular times, having enough strength to make it through Mike's bootcamp class, making sure there is enough of me left at the end of the day to be a wonderful girlfriend to mike, and having extra brain space to enjoy hanging out with my friends and family. So I will continue to go to rad seminars like Altitude Design Summit with my sweet friend Maryanne McGuire, throw fabulous industy parties with my pals, and create crazy wonderful collaborations.  But my goals going into the seminar are to shoot fabulous weddings, blog twice a week, practice yoga regularly, have fun at bootcamp, hang with my friends, make out with mike, visit my family, and explore new places.  So here's to making things happen!  What do you want to make happen for your life?making things happen, lara casey, wppi, shewanders photography