let there be CAKE

So it's no secret that I adore the CAKE girls and the beautiful cakes they create.  They were recently in Colorado taping an episode of the food network that will air this summer.  What a long time to wait!  I know i'll be cheering them on.  Here are a few fun pics and a dual-interview.  In case you were interested in having an amazing cake at your next event, here is their siteHow long have you been working as a cake designer?K=9 years J=cooking 20 years

What is your favorite aspect of cake design? K=Never doing the same thing twice J= the finishing touches and watching the completed cake go out the door

What is the most unique cake you have done? K=Watch us next season on the food network J=metropolis cake!!!!

What is something you would love to accomplish? K=buying a boat J=Full scale out door cafe

Is it tough to not take a bite out of your scrumptious cakes while putting them together?    K= Not tough at all we want Mexican food. J=  I usually take a bite out of everything… quality control

Chocolate or vanilla? K=chocolate J=chocolate Summer or winter? K=winter J= winter Hug or high five? K=  hug J=high five Beach or mountains? K= mountains J= my back yard Dogs or cats? K=cats J=dog Cowboy hat or sombrero? K=cowboy hats J=sombrero Text or phone call ? K=phone- J=phone Comedy or drama? K= comedy J= horror Saved by the bell or the wonder years? k=wonder years J=brady brunch or square pegs Vanilla ice or mc hammer? K= mchammer J=right said fred 4th of july or Christmas? K= Christmas J=halloween New York or San Francisco? K=San Francisco J=San Francisco Metallica or Sinatra? K=metallics---- J=moterhead Lucky Charms or Frosted Flakes? K=lucky charms J=Lucky charms Coffee or Energy Drink? K=coffee J= coffee