I feel pretty oh so pretty : white flower boutique

I love pretty dresses!  And Courtney has a beautiful boutique a couple of minutes away from our studio.  I love stopping by and drolling over the latest looks.  The best is when my brides show up on their wedding day in one of her beautiful gowns.  Courtney is sweet and really easy going, if you are ready to go shopping, she's your girl. Here is a interview about Courtney and the White Flower Boutique.  Here's your chance to get to know her a little better =)   san diego wedding photography, beautiful bridesan diego wedding photography,  purple bouquetsan diego wedding photography, eco dresssan diego wedding photography, sweet beach bride, pink, peach bouquet  san diego wedding photography, beach lovesan diego wedding photography, romantic walk on the beachHow long have you been working with dresses in your bridal boutique?

The White Flower has been open for over a year now so, I have been working with these particular designers for a little over that long.  As for gowns in general, I have been working with wedding gowns for almost 10 years.  

What is your favorite aspect of working with wedding gowns? Each gown is different as each bride is also different.  The fun part is matching up a gown to a certain bride.  Each gown gives a different attitude and only the right bride can make it work.

How do you decide which designer’s gowns to carry in your boutique? I wanted to have a more diverse collection in this boutique so I searched for international designers.  I chose some of the top designers in Canada, Australia and the UK.  My international designers tend to be smaller companies therefore do not have huge ego’s like some of the manufactures here in the States.  Plus they are willing to be more creative and do custom changes for my brides for little to no cost!

What is something you would love to accomplish? We have already accomplished so much in such a short amount of time.  My priority is to continue to provide an amazing experience for the brides of Southern California and make sure that their time spent with us is relaxing and enjoyable.  We are a no drama boutique and I would like to keep it that way.

It mentions on your website that you offer Organic and Eco-Friendly gown choices. Tell us a little about that. Sure.  One of my Canadian designers works entirely with Certified Organic Hemp, Silk and Bamboo blends for her fabrics.  She also dyes her fabrics with flower and vegetable extracts.  Plus the brides who purchase one of her gowns has a tree planted in her name too!  So fun!

This or That:

Chocolate or Vanilla? Always chocolate.  The darker the better.

Summer or Winter? Winter.  I love Holiday displays and snuggling with my honey on the couch.

Hug or high five? I am a hugger.

Beach or mountains? Beach all the way.  Especially if it is a Maui beach.

Dogs or cats? Kitties!!

Cowboy hat or sombrero? Cowboys

Text or phone call? Phone call.  It is quicker.

Comedy or Drama? Comedy

Saved By The Bell or The Wonder Years? Haha.  Did to much yard work as a kid and never watched TV.  But I do remember more of Saved by the Bell than the Wonder Years.

Vanilla Ice or MC Hammer? MC Hammer.  Gotta love those pants.

4th of July or Christmas? Christmas

New York or San Francisco? San Francisco

Metallica or Sinatra? Sinatra

Lucky Charms or Frosted Flakes? Lucky Charms

Coffee or energy drink? Does a Starbucks Mocha count as coffee?