brightly designed brightens my day

inspired. That is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Courtney and her company Brightly Designed. Wedding days are just more fun for everyone if she waves her magic wand on them. I first ran across her work on several wedding blogs and thought, I have to know this girl. I have to know the person responsible for all this fun stuff. I showed Mike her site and told him, Courtney and I are going to be friends. He kind of laughed a little and said maybe I should make sure that's ok with Courtney first. Since she and i had never met, spoke, or emailed I could see where he was coming from. So to make a long story short I called my blog crush, we met, and eventually ended up here. on green wedding shoes with the sitting in a tree girls.  Courtney lives up to her beautiful work, I can definitely say she is genuine, easy going, and inspiring to work with. Here's an interview and some pics of her magic. enjoy! xoxo suzanne san diego wedding photography, brighly designed, invitation, grey nail polishsan diego wedding photography, brighly designed, wedding shoes, bride getting ready, bird cagesan diego wedding photography, brighly designed, wedding menusan diego wedding photography, brighly designed, menusan diego wedding photography, brighly designed, bird cage, cute bride and groomsan diego wedding photography, brighly designed, gold candlelabrasan diego wedding photography, brighly designed, silver vasesan diego wedding photography, brighly designed, cupcake, cupcake label, rad wedding desertsan diego wedding photography, brighly designed, wedding wine labelsan diego wedding photography, brighly designed, modern wedding invitation suite,rad wedding invitesan diego wedding photography, brighly designed, organic elements, stylish bouquetsan diego wedding photography, brighly designed, wedding fireplacesan diego wedding photography, brighly designed, rad wedding tablescapesan diego wedding photography, brighly designed, beautiful bridesan diego wedding photography, brighly designed, black and white wedding picturesDescribe yourself in five words. Dedicated, creative, quiet, imaginative, detailed

Describe your craft in five words. Unique, colorful, handcrafted, fun, personal

Complete the sentence: I cannot live without… Paper – calendars, cards, fortunes, books, stamps, magazines….

Where would you love to live and why? Italy – the history, the color, the antiques, the food, the art, the people – I love everything about it!

What inspires your style? Everything around me – color, nature, patterns. Antiques – I love antiques, especially printmaking and anything paper of course.

Complete the sentence: What the world needs now… Is happy music playing all the time – everywhere. People couldn’t help but tap their feet and smile a little more.

What is one of your favorite words? Faith

What are you proud of yourself for? Why? Being a mom – the most challenging, but most rewarding thing in my life so far.

What is something you would love to accomplish? Professionally – having a cute little paper shop somewhere in San Diego (or Italy!) Personally – learning how to cook

When and where did you begin working in the paper business? I have loved paper since I was little – coloring, cutting, folding, collecting little bits of it, etc…. I studied graphic design in Philadelphia and worked in an antique shop specializing in antique samplers – not paper, but amazing designs on fabric which were so inspiring through their patterns, color and typography done in needlepoint by young girls hundreds of years ago – absolutely amazing. I worked in corporate design after that for a few years, but once I worked on wedding projects there was no going back – people are just so happy about their wedding day – it makes the work so enjoyable.

As a graphic designer, what is your favorite creative aspect of working with paper design? The tactile feeling of holding the finished piece in my hand. I love the hands on aspect of the design whether it is gold-leafing an invitation, scrolling an escort card or hand beading a table number.

Do you do custom work if a client has a very specific concept in mind for an invitation? If so, how does that process develop with the client? Almost all of my work is custom. The first step is talking with the client to learn everything I can about them and their wedding day. I love to make my designs personal. There are so many avenues the bride and groom may not think of when looking for paper elements for their wedding - whether it is including their favorite colors or music lyrics or incorporating a childhood memory. The process is so wide open and constantly-changing until we come up with the perfect representation of them and their big day!

What is the most unique invitation/ announcement you have ever created? Definitely the cranium invitation!! I created an invitation and day of paper elements for an amazingly fun couple that incorporated the board game cranium into their wedding, starting with the invitation. Guests had to draw their meal choice and play games at the wedding. It was fun, but still elegant and a real design challenge (on top of it all the groom was studying to be a brain surgeon – which we also incorporated into the paper elements!!). I am really proud of how it all turned out!

What unique aspects of paper designs do you recommend at Brightly Designed that may not be on a client’s radar when they do their initial consultation? Any unique ideas that a client may not have thought of for their big day? Day of items are a big aspect of my business – a lot of client’s don’t realize the amount of creativity you can put into a sign or an escort card. I love to make paper elements that will bring an aspect of fun and creativity for the guests at the wedding.

And we’re just curious, are paper cuts a serious hazard in your field? Yes! I have had several close calls with xacto blades – no lost fingers yet!