an interview with Sabrina Cadini from La Dolce Idea

la dolce idea, new websiteHere is an interview with Sabrina Cadini from La Dolce Idea. Sabrina is one in a million.  I loved becoming friends and working with her on REVO and I look forward to anything Sabrina related =).  Read on to find out a little more about her and be sure to check out her blog for the haps in the wedding world.  xoxo s

Describe yourself in five words. Happy (about my life), positive (it makes everything smile back at you), inspired (always!) hopeful (great attitude to always move on), and reliable (you can count on me anytime!)

Describe your craft in five words. Detailed, inspiring, helpful, pleasing, professional

Complete the sentence: I cannot live without… Inspiration. From people, from things around me. This is what makes me better every day

Where would you love to live and why? I think I live in a great place (San Diego), but sometimes I miss the action and vibe of a fast-paced big city like New York. Too bad I hate cold weather!

What inspires your style? Europe (where I was born and grew up), my family, my wonderful clients

Complete the sentence: What the world needs now… Is honesty and respect. I keep saying “If children ruled the world, life would be perfect”

What is one of your favorite words? Today! Live your life today, everyday. Also, I always need to get things done today, it makes it easier to be in control of my daily life – Procrastination is my enemy, and it can’t exist in my professional life

What are you proud of yourself for? Why? I think the biggest accomplishment in my life is raising a wonderful son, nothing else can top this.

What is something you would love to accomplish? Hard to say… Every day we accomplish many things and we don’t even realize it. It could just be a random act of kindness that makes someone feel special. Professionally, I would love to be remembered as a role model for future planners. On a personal level, I’d like to have more time to help people around me

How long have you been working as an event planner? It is a passion that started in Italy about 20 years ago; I have been planning all kinds of events since then, ranging from social gatherings to corporate functions to weddings to fundraisers. Each one of these celebrations brings back beautiful memories and generates even more passion for what I do.

What is your favorite aspect of event planning? Letting my client’s vision become a reality: I love to translate a concept into a memorable event that exceeds their expectations thanks to creative design, strategic planning and detailed coordination.

How does hiring a wedding planner/ coordinator take pressure off the bride and groom on their special day? Many brides have fun planning their own wedding and it is a great experience at the beginning, but it’s not so much fun when it comes to putting together all the little details that will need to be taken care of on the wedding day: it is impossible for them to coordinate their special day and be relaxed and happy brides at the same time. A planner can save money and time by guiding the couple in the right direction (selecting the most appropriate vendors, offering ideas and solutions that will work best with their style/theme, and keeping them on track with deadlines, do’s and don’ts). On the wedding day, a planner or coordinator works behind the scenes making sure that the couple’s vision is coming to life. I always tell my brides that weddings are one-shot deals, there are no repeats, and they have to rely on a professional to make everything run smoothly. They should focus on the real meaning of their wedding: getting married to the person they love, and leave the stressful aspect of event production to a professional who has the experience and knowledge to deal with vendors and unexpected situations. Also, we are all trying to save money during these difficult times, but brides should be very careful when selecting a planner or a coordinator. How do they select their doctor, hairstylist or attorney? Do they ever go with a not-so-experienced or non-professional one just because they can save money? Cheap could cost couples a lot of money in the long run. Choosing quality over price is usually the best investment.

How did you become involved with REVO? Suzanne was a blessing in my life! She approached me and told me about her ingenious idea on how to help her good friend Peggi. I immediately felt it was a wonderful thing to be involved, and I was right. It was an incredible experience that gave me the opportunity to know Suzanne and Peggi and be inspired by their contagious love for life.

What are some key elements to planning the perfect Summer Social party? (This ties in with the theme for Shewanders August Newsletter) Summer parties are a lot of fun: everything that happens outdoors usually creates happy feelings and people are in a great mood. I also love it because the outdoors provides a blank canvas to work with: you have almost endless choices regarding themes or color schemes. My starting point is usually color: the summer season brings excitement to people and color increases energy. This combination creates the perfect atmosphere for a successful event. Next, a great menu that tantalizes the senses: not only delicious but also pleasing to the eye (food stations decorated with your theme in mind are perfect for an outdoor party: people will move around and mingle easily). A smart decision is a creative catering company that can design a personalized menu with your guests (and your theme) in mind. A welcome drink is always loved, it makes guests feel VIPs (and if it has a color or a name that reflects the party theme it will always be remembered!). As far as décor, play with the natural setting: if it’s a garden, take advantage of the flowers and plants that surround you and incorporate them. Use containers and vases that you collected from trips around the world, for instance, to create centerpieces that you can place in key areas. Don’t forget to offer seating to your guests, whether it is your living room furniture (it will look great outside!) or some cool lounge-style pieces depending on your theme.

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