Time to bid at REVO weddings!!!!

I know I have been a giant blog slacker lately and I promise to be a better blogger after the REVO auction closes on April 30th. I keep thinking about the auction and all of the wonderful people who have created REVO weddings with me. I have been counting my blessings a lot lately and I run out of fingers lol. I always start with the beginning. I thank Peggi for bringing us all together. I thank Alyssa and Jennifer at Exquisite Weddings for believing with me that an online auction of vendors could even be possible and for giving us the ad. I thank Sharon from Organic Elements for pointing me in the direction of Kate from Resolusean Events, Sabrina from La Dolce Idea, and Meaghen from Weddings Made Splendid. I thank those girls a lot =) Kate, Sabrina, and Meaghen for their big hearts and tireless efforts. And then I thank Pamela Noxin for giving Peggi and REVO a booth. And I thank Tara at Bob Hoffman Video for coordinating and producing our videos. I thank the Bridal Bazaar for the booth they are giving us this weekend. And then I thank about 80 other vendors for surrounding Peggi with love and community. I run out of fingers. I thank Christianne Penunuri for helping with PR. I thank Mike for listening to me and supporting me through this emotional time. I thank Peggi again for focusing on getting better so she can stay here with us and be my friend. I thank everyone who has told anyone about REVO. I thank everyone I forgot and my mind wanders. I just keep thanking people. It's funny if I have a few minutes to myself or if i'm waiting in line for something...in my head I'm thanking everybody. Thanks for caring about my friend. Thanks for caring about each other. Thanks for this sense of community. Thanks for not letting me fail. I've never planned something like this. I didn't know what to do or where to start. I didn't know if i could find the drive in this emotional setting. I didn't know if we could do this smart enough, fast enough, good enough. Well it's here and now we have an auction so tell your friends, family, coworkers, tell everyone you know. This is our mini REVOlution - let's shine together. I'm so proud of REVO and what it means to all of us. Now let's get bidding =) http://www.startarevo.org/weddings/REVO icon_500