I don't know who you are yet, but you are amazing to me

It occurred to me that I have one more person to thank.  At some point between now and April 2011  I am going to photograph a REVO wedding.  We will get to photograph the ceremony, the romantics, the first dance, and meet all the friends and family of a couple that hired us through the REVO auction.  That couple will have helped me in so many ways.  They will have given to my friend Peggi and helped me realize the dream of REVO weddings.  They are like a validation that -People are Great.  At the start of this auction I really hoped that people would give of themselves for someone else.  There were naysayers at the start, people who wondered if we could pull off an online auction people, who wondered who would even donate.  I just couldn't shake the feeling that given the chance our industry would surround Peggi in hope, love, community and they did.  So thanks, who ever you are that bids on us.  You are amazing to me.       Our blackout dates are currently incorrect and we are trying to update them =)  The real information is   Shewanders Photography is valid until april 30th 2011 black out dates may 24th -30th, labor day weekend, 6-11, 6-12,6-18, 5-15,september 3-6, 12/25 and  1/16carcollage