start a mini revolution - is growing every day

revoI get by with a little help from my friends.... I just want to say that people amaze me. No matter how great I think they can be, sometimes they are even greater than that. So i wanted to give you all an update. We have over 75 vendors who have given to REVO - in fact we have so many it is taking us some time to list everything in the auction. So, I'm sitting here thinking my industry is a pretty amazing one =)Kate Capshaw of Resolusean Events, Sabrina Cadini of La Dolce Idea, and Meaghan Schmaltz of Weddings Made Splendid have been working like crazy. A lot of wonderful people have been emailing me and asking how they can help. Here are some great ways!!


========== Donate your FaceBook status to say: "join REVO Weddings and help start a mini revolution for Peggi Walker of Metro Floral : check out"

========== Donate your Twitter status to say: “follow @REVOweddings + start a mini revolution with san diego wedding vendors : check out "PLEASE RT"

========== BLOG about your contribution to the upcoming online auction for REVOweddings which start april 16th and end april 30th: Here are some resources to get you started "REVO"  Email us if you would like some cool graphics!!

========== Send out a mass email to your list to tell them about the auction and your wonderful donation. ========== Donate services to the auction. We would love to have you join us. ****

Here is a great example!Thanks so much to Jennifer Petrini of Ceremony Magazine featured REVO on their wedding blog California Wedding Wave ceremonyblog Here is a little REVO loving for your blog =) in solidarity!! xoxo s revoHEaRt