i heart peggi walker - it's time for a mini revolution - ok

1Hi everyone,  It's with a bittersweet heart that i'm writing to you today.  My friend Peggi Walker has cancer.  I remember when she first told me a couple of weeks ago.  She looked so vibrant and strong, like every pore in her body was buzzing to live while she was explaining to me exactly what her latest healing opportunity was.  We spoke for maybe 20 minutes and she described everthing to me, i have no idea what she said, she lost me at cancer.  After that it was kind of a blur, I think I was just in shock.  This vibrant woman in front of me who has been my friend has just told me she has cancer, and she is going to live but first she has to go through a long journey of kemo and healing.  I didn't catch all of the medical parts but I did believe her with a huge amount of clarity that she would be ok.  So this blog entry is about being ok.  Ok for her, Ok for her family, and Ok for our community.  So I'm going to focus on the Ok and have found some friends to help me along the way.  There will be a site up soon that will explain how this fundraising spectacular is going to work with some help from my friends - Nina Brav am amazing L A photographer who is my personal hero -she started Start a revo and Alyssa McNees and Jennifer Rea from Exquisite Weddings Magazine who have taken san diego by storm with a wonderful magazine and have won my heart over with all that they do to build san diego's wedding community. Here goes..   a journey to ok   www.startarevo.org/weddings

a local san diego, friend, florist, and mom 2

You can view her journey at http://blog.cre8love.com 87

4You can view more of  peggi's work at her site   and below5I'm filled with hope that the community will surround peggi with support and that we all will be stronger because of it. 6I'm hopeful that there will be plenty of joyous family portraits to follow.  So check out Peggi's blog and I'll keep you updated about this amazing project to come.3