Saira and Brian's wedding weekend in Vancouver

I heart Saira and Brian. Brian and I have been friends since the fifth grade. It's a wonderful thing when you're friend marries some one as cool as Saira. I'm so happy for the both of them -they are a rad match for sure! Mike, Kaleb, and I were absolutely thrilled to fly to Vancouver for their wedding weekend. Saira was such a gorgeous bride, she looked like magic the way she glittered in the sun. What a weekend!! Big hugs my friends, xoxo suzannebrian&saira2brian&saira4brian&saira5brian&saira6brian&saira7brian&saira8revbrian&saira2brian&saira10brian&saira11brian&saira12brian&saira13brian&saira14brian&saira15brian&saira16brian&saira17brian&saira18brian&saira19brian&saira20brian&saira21brian&saira22brian&saira23brian&saira24brian&saira25brian&saira26brian&saira27brian&saira28brian&saira29brian&saira30brian&saira31brian&saira32brian&saira33brian&saira34brian&saira35brian&saira36revbrian&sairabrian&saira38brian&saira39