Roberto, Maya, and Harvey at the beach

Here are some fun pics of my fun friends. Mike and I spent some time at a beach house in Port Douglas outside of Melbourne with our friends Maya and Roberto and their son Harvey. It was one of our favorite adventures this year. I met Maya backpacking in Spain about 14 years ago, I feel so lucky that we have been able to stay in touch all these years and continue to have fun adventures together. Harvey is definitely a product of Maya's enthusiasm and Roberto's laughter. He is so sweet and animated and makes everything more fun. I nicknamed him Harvey McFarvey. I miss his cuddles. xoxo sroberto maya harveyroberto maya harvey4roberto maya harvey3roberto maya harvey2roberto maya harvey5roberto maya harvey6roberto maya harvey7roberto maya harvey8roberto maya harvey9roberto maya harvey10roberto maya harvey11roberto maya harvey12roberto maya harvey13roberto maya harvey14roberto maya harvey15roberto maya harvey16roberto maya harvey17roberto maya harvey18