I heart CAKE

Lately, I have been pouring over all the weddings I have shot to finally add some images to our website portfolio. I just fell in love all over again with some CAKE weddings. It seems like a CAKE wedding always seems to be that much sweeter. So check out some of the gorgeous creations that the talented girls at CAKE have created over the years.Fabcakes.com I am certain that I am your biggest fan.Cheers to Kimberly, Jennifer, and Cristina and another summer of style and yumminess, xoxo suzanne shewanders.com 00 shewanders.com 09shewanders.com 16shewanders.com  31shewanders.com  30shewanders.com  21shewanders.com  23shewanders.com  05shewanders.com  6shewanders.com  12shewanders.com  8shewanders.com  22shewanders.com  7shewanders.com  28shewanders.com  10shewanders.com  11shewanders.com  4shewanders.com  3shewanders.com  24shewanders.com  20shewanders.com  25shewanders.com  36shewanders.com  35shewanders.com  1shewanders.com  31shewanders.com  18shewanders.com  34shewanders.com  2shewanders.com  26shewanders.com  15shewanders.com  17shewanders.com  27shewanders.com  19shewanders.com  29shewanders.com  33shewanders.com  14shewanders.com  37