My kind of town Chicago is =)

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Is it time for a shoot?  I'm going to be wandering in Chicago Saturday the 9th, and Sunday the 10th  and Waupaca Wisconsin Monday the 11th - Friday the 15th.I'll be in Chicago photographing Stacey and Darren's engagement session and looking to see if anyone else is up for a fun shoot in one of my favorite cities.  I fell in love with Chicago last year at Rachel and Billy's wedding.  I love the blend of public art, architecture, and nature.  And who doesn't like the friendliness of the people??Also I will be in Wisconsin visiting hanging out with my family in Waupaca all week.  If you or any of your friends are thinking about a shoot let me know xoxo suzanne Check out Rachel and Billy's album Page Galleryª v4.06hansen002aaa1shewanders3shewanders4shewanders5shewanders6shewanders7shewanders8shewanders9shewanders10shewanders11shewanders12shewanders13shewanders14shewanders15shewanders16shewanders17shewanders18shewanders19shewanders20shewanders21shewanders22shewanders23shewanders24shewanders25shewanders26shewanders27shewanders28shewanders.com29shewanders.com30shewanders.com31shewanders.com32