The Fabulous Bridal Show at the Grant

Last Sunday the Grant Hosted a beautiful bridal show. Any day at the Grant is a good day, but this was extra special. The food alone was worth coming out for, yum. It was so fun to be a part of it. I absolutely loved seeing all of the local talent out there. San Diego is awesome. Thanks so everyone who stopped by and said hi at our booth!!Check these out!xoxo suzanne shewanders_7347 Here are a couple, there are a ton more on my facebook coming soon... please since there were so many of my friends in one place and it's a lot to blog, feel free to add comments to give people credit if i left them out =) shewanders_7339 shewanders_7550 designer : Thomas Bui florist : Annette Gomez shewanders_7321 shewanders_7415 i heart concepts ok it's really flowers : Embellishmint shewanders_7443shewanders_7433shewanders_7526 miss natasha from ANF events flowers : embellishmint shewanders_75171shewanders_7463 designer : susanne duffy crown weddings florist : Lavonne I'm not sure on the spelling, i've been a blog fan of Lavonne for a long time, it was fantastic to meet her and see her work in person. shewanders_7464shewanders_7496 shewanders_7651 designer merilee : everafter events =) flowers : annette gomez shewanders_7649shewanders_7659shewanders_75641 designer emiley smiley platinum pro florist : karen tran shewanders_7587shewanders_7578 shewanders_7355 designer mia rebecca : red letter days florist : lavonne shewanders_7374 shewanders_7376 shewanders_7664 designer : victoria schroeder florist : kathy wright shewanders_7665shewanders_7666 designer bradley : white wedding day florist : bradley white wedding dayshewanders_7514shewanders_7617shewanders_7615