In 2002, Suzanne Hansen created a boutique agency so that people would not have to sacrifice peace of mind when preparing for their wedding or special event.The company has grown to specialize in global wedding and event photography meant for a special niche market of creative-type people who see things a bit differently.


Suzanne is a traveler. For more than ten years, she has wandered the globe to capture the spirit of people through engaging portrait, wedding and travel photography. She is a lifelong student of sociology and graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute. By combining people with her passion for travel and photography, Suzanne delivers more natural, personal and always engaging images. Through the eye of her lens, she has captured the people who color her life's work. Through her own eyes, she sees the personalities and landscapes that fill her life with love and laughter.


Mike is a musician, philosopher, film buff, runner, and car lover. He has an eye for the cinematic. He has started a serious collection of stamps in his passport that feeds his passion for great portraiture. Mike's work really shines when finding the fashion edge in off beat moments. Whether it is a trash the dress shoot in Sydney or a fireside ceremony in a ski lodge in Minneapolis Mike's vision shines through. He is a lover of the arts, Spongebob, and the way he wears his pants. -just kidding.


Kaleb appreciates beauty, whether it be a woman in love or a majestic palace in a foreign land.  At the age of 7 he began a sixteen year career as a dancer, singer, actor.  Then his visual eye took over while exploring the world and all the arts. Passion for detail - sleek, sexy and fun are Kaleb’s photographic style. Capturing those magic moments for his clients as well as creating his own vision keeps him continually intrigued and inspired.