Our Story

Shewanders Photography is made up of two guys and one gal. We have passports and we’re not afraid to use them. Our passports have stamps from all over the world: Australia, France, London, Argentina, Peru, Egypt, Morocco, Thailand, Vietnam, Canada, Mexico, Spain, New York, Minneapolis, Alaska, Turkey, Kenya, India, Phillipines, San Francisco and beyond. We each have a unique perspective that we bring to our photos.

We love having the opportunity to get to know our clients and having a chance to reflect their wonderful story through photographs. We take tremendous pride in capturing every moment... authentic candid moments, all of the fun, the location, the beauty, the laughter, the sense of love and family.

At Shewanders, we think we tend to see the sweeter side of life. We think it’s a powerful feeling to show someone else how beautiful you think they are through film.  Where words might fail us, photographs let us express how we feel. We are happy and we like happy people. We love to capture joy on film. Our photos help to recreate your special day over and over again. They tell your story. We try very hard to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera. We do the hard part, so you can stay relaxed and enjoy your totally spectacular day.

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