We believe that art is everything. shewanders.1003 copyWe believe in inspiration: matisse, david la chapelle, gehry, sydney, prince, baz lurmann, barcelona, avedon, nara.We believe that celebrities should pay full price. We believe in making you look like whoever you are and whoever you want to be. We believe in compassion, buying locally, supporting the arts, and supporting each other. We believe in photography as an investment in your life. We believe that 30,000 feet above sea level is a magical place. We believe in pablo neruda when he said, "(el mundo) es una copa llena de agua." We believe in pictures telling us a story. We believe in dress up and make believe. We believe in pictures of cocktails and pictures of people with cocktails. We believe in wanderlust, passion, color, adventure and endless summers. We believe that pictures should make you happy.

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