Who's that girl??

I think Alyssa is one of the coolest girls in San Diego. She does a bang up job at Exquisite Weddings as Creative Director and we have loved working with her. So we thought we'd interview and see what inspires her.drum roll please...

Describe yourself in four words. light-hearted, fun, creative, driven Describe your craft in five words creative, design, hardwork, stressful Complete the sentence: What inspires your style? everything Complete the sentence: What the world needs now....... is peace. What are you proud of yourself for? Why? Being the creative director of Exquisite Weddings, I had worked really hard to get here. How did you begin working in the creative field? I studied graphic design in school, then landed the job with San Diego Magazine. Tell us a little bit more about what your position with Exquisite Weddings entails? I do everything, pick story line ups, set up photo shoots, pick products, and design. How do you develop the visual campaign for each new issue? Check out new photographers, locations, and talk to great people in the wedding industry. Where do you draw inspiration from when creating the look and feel of each creative initiative for Exquisite Weddings? Wedding/Fashion magazines from Europe/Italy What is your favorite aspect of being the Creative Director for a magazine? Seeing everything come together into something beautiful Tell us something that you have done for your job that wasn't in the job descripiton? -buying underwear for a male model that showed up without them -hair when the hair stylist didn't show up

How cute are Alyssa and Marty!!!