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Neat, is featuring gay weddings and put in a quote by me :) Pamela is a rad lady and is always first in line when it comes to thinking everyone deserves to have a beautiful wedding.

Here is the link, check out her site! xoxosuzanne

Gay Weddings & The Wedding Party Bridal Show have assisted couples with commitment ceremonies for 10 years, and are now ecstatic to finally be able to say "Congratulations on getting married!!" We want to help you plan your wedding. Please visit the next Wedding Party Bridal Show to meet all of the people you need to create your wedding. Click here for bridal show information and tickets.

Local wedding photographer Suzanne Hansen of offers her throughts on gay weddings. Please be sure to visit her website at the link below for more of her inspiring work.

One of my favorite things about gay weddings is not having to call them commitment ceremonies anymore. It feels nice to not have to make distinctions. Love is love. I've been really lucky having had the opportunity to witness so many couples sharing their love with their friends and family. I remember when Rob and Eddie asked me to photograph their ‘party’. It wasn't until a couple of weeks before the big day that they finally allowed themselves to call it a wedding. That was a great moment.

I remember thinking how many times we break the law- you know, crossing the street outside of the cross walk, letting your meter expire, talking on your cell phone- and thinking, what did the law have to do with love?

Well finally, the law has decided that people can love who they love and can celebrate that love with freedom. Now I think a lot more people are going to see that there aren't many distinctions between straight weddings and gay weddings.

Some beautiful moments:

Brian singing "More than Anyone" to Robbie with a pianist accompanying him and thinking how nice it was that he was professionally trained, and that one day I'd like to meet a man with his spirit and blue eyes. Over hearing Lindsay and Justina speaking to friends at Emily and Johnny's wedding a year later, "the only thing I would have changed about our wedding is that I wish we would have made out more". Watching Victor's mom tear up and beam with pride during a speech with her arm tight around her son. How sensational Jesse and Dallas were on the dance floor at the Del; their entrance prompted a spontaneous first dance full of style and grace.