Thomas Thomas he's our man.....

If you are looking for something Stylish, Sexy, and Chic then Thomas Bui is your man. I have had the pleasure of working on numerous events with Tom and am proud to call him friend. Check out these photos of his beautiful work and read up on all the latest and greatest!


Here is a really great interview featuring Thomas and scroll below to see some beautiful images featuring his work. Describe yourself in five words.

Educated, energetic, confident, refined, sophisticated

Describe your craft in five words.

Innovative, Imaginative, Thorough (meaning each theme is well-thought), Trendsetter, Quiet (meaning my style is simple, not loud or whimsical

Complete the sentence: I cannot live without ________.

…fine, haute-cuisine. As Asians, “We live to eat, not eat to live.”

Where would you love to live and why?

1. New York for the energy 2. San Diego (Mission Hills) because my parents are here 3. Paris- for the architecture, arts, fashion, food, beauty of the city and the rich history. 4. Kennebunkport, Maine-For the quiet serenity of the place by the water, and the sophistication of the New England style homes 5. Lake Como, Italy- It’s romantic, sexy, and gorgeous

What inspires your style?

Books-I enjoy reading a lot of books and letting my mind imagine the place and color and design. Color- I love playing with color, pairing two or three colors that do not normally work well and creating a new and exciting color palette. Something as simple as different shades of white can transform a dull space into a vibrant ambient one. Fashion- I love clothes and shoes, especially women’s fashion. Each season designers create the same concept but with a different cut or color making us feel that we need to have that look. That’s creative, at the same time smart marketing.

Complete the sentence: What the world needs now is…

Peace. Peace of mind, peace with the world, and peace with our enemies. Stress is not good for the soul, it gives us premature wrinkles.

What is one of your favorite words?

Honesty. Be honest true to yourself. Be honest to your friends and family, don’t be someone you’re not. In the end, honesty is the best policy.

What are you proud of yourself for? Why?

The fact that finished school and graduated with a degree in Pharmacy and also an MBA. It was my parents wish that my brother and I be in the medical field. I followed in my dad’s footstep and studied hard (10 yrs) to become a pharmacist. Before starting the event designing business I went and got an MBA to understand the business world better in order to compete on both the artistic and financial aspect. What I’m also most proud is establishing my name in the wedding industry in San Diego. When I started wedding coordinating 10 years ago it was relatively new field and many brides didn’t see a need for it because life was not as stressful as it is today. I took coordinating to a new level by convincing them the need for lighting and fine linens. Getting my work published in the Wall Street Journal, Grace Ormond magazine, Inside Weddings, Exquisite Weddings magazine and Ceremony. Seeing your work and name in print is the ultimate reward!

What is something you would love to accomplish?

Write a book based on wedding and event designing. We all read so many articles and books about celebrities having multi-million dollar events. Therefore, I would love to write a book about legendary events for ordinary clients. Creating the million dollar event and spending only 100K or even 200K.

What drew you to event and wedding design?

As a child growing up in Saigon, Vietnam, I was surrounded by black tie functions at my home. My family was in politics back home and we hosted a lot of dignitaries from France and members of the Vietnamese Consulate. The décor, stunning florals and multi-course dinner soiree, and beautiful gowns, I was enamored with the rich lifestyle at a very young age.

What sets Thomas Bui Lifestyle apart from other event design companies?

We take on many big projects throughout the year and have built a solid reputation with vendors and venues in San Diego, but we’re small enough to care about each and every event. We only take on a maximum of 20 weddings each year so that we may dedicate our undivided attention to every client. Every client is important, no matter how large or small the budget may be. Dedication and loyalty to every client is our number priority.

What are some unique offerings that Thomas Bui Lifestyle can provide for clientele?

Personalized service. I answer each and every phone call and will correspond with each and every client. I build a personal relationship with each and every client by working closely with them. I am able to know what matters to them, their likes and dislikes, in the end, what I design for them is special and personal for them. I call each and every client on a weekly basis to check-in on them and to make sure they are fine during the planning and implementation stages. For many clients, they like to tell me personal stories, for others, it’s strictly business, and I’m fine with that.

In your opinion, what are some elements that make an event memorable?

1. Lighting is so important and crucial no matter how great the venue may be. Lighting adds warmth, ambiance, and makes everyone feel sexy. These days, the right lighting will enhance the florals, which in turn, will create timeless photos for you and your guests to cherish. 2. Personal touches. Whether your guest count is 20 or 600 people, personal touches make each guest feel important and another number. Address each envelope by hand or hiring a professional is important. It should never be printed by the computer. A photo with each guest is also a nice personal touch. When your guests are dressed up they want to cherish the occasion by having their photos taken with the couple. This means more than a party favor that they don’t remember which wedding they attended. 3. Always, send a thank you note. If it takes you 6 months to send one, it’s better late than never. Send one to each client, but also include your vendors. What are some of your most memorable events and why?

The events where there’s impeccable service by the hotel or catering staff. The food comes out hot and the wine selection with each course complements the entrée. This to me is very memorable because it’s well thought-out and well-organized. Last year one wedding had Cirque Du Soleil entertain the guests during the dinner and during the dancing. In between, professional latin dancers dazzled the crowd with their sultry moves. Creating an “experience” for the guests is memorable because sometimes they don’t expect to be entertained. The element of surprise is a nice shock. Leslie and Matt are such a wonderful couple it makes sense that Tom would be inspired to create a wedding as warm and beautiful as they are. Fall in love with tents all over again....





















hats off to Dawn from Embellishmint for the beautiful flowers










yum a CAKE cake, it was so good =)



Here is a couple of details from a Darlington House Event Tom did.

Linens by Concepts Party Rentals-yay Haydee and Fred!

Flowers by Annette Gomez heck yeah!







For Tom it's all in the details and I love love love the set up he did for Bride and Bloom.

the CAKE girls out did themselves, and kudos to Annette Gomez who's always a class act =)