Regan's First Blog


Buenas! Soy Regan and this is my first blog…ever. You may recognize my name. But not because of the previous President of the USA, or the possessed girl from The Exorcist. And not even because of King Lear’s evil daughter. Actually, I’m afraid of power, my head doesn’t spin, and I love my father.

So who is this Regan then? Well…I’m that strange girl that responds to your emails when you write to Suzanne. And who sometimes licks the stamps that accompany your Christmas cards. If you haven’t yet met me, all you have to do is write to Suzanne and there I will magically appear. Don’t be upset that I write you back and not Suzanne. I’m really nice. I promise. What you may find interesting is that I don’t live in San Diego. After 4 months of training with Suzanne in San Diego, I now work from an internet café, my house, or sometimes even the train in…Barcelona, Spain. Olé! To mutilate entirely a quote from Gertrude Stein, “San Diego may be my hometown, but Barcelona is my home.” I’ve been here off and on for over 5 years now. So if you get any emails with odd English grammar with happy faces like this :) don’t blame Suzanne. But if you receive any emails with no punctuation whatsoever and happy faces that look like this =) then you can bet it was Suzanne that wrote you!Besos,Regan :)




Whitney, me, and Suzanne on Charger's last stand -


jennie, suz, whit, and me at the holiday party






when i saved the day and brought cowboy boots to julie and robbie's shoot






0508e177.jpga shot of a window Suzanne took on a trip to Barcelona a couple of years ago