Look mom, I shot the cover

So i have the coolest clients ever, that's no secret, I pretty much tell everyone all the time. You can check out Lindsay and Justina's beautiful ceremony in the latest issue of Exquistite Weddings =) it just hit the stands yesterday. Also Lauren and Jeff rock the engagement session article - hey Jeff at least one of our ANTM dreams came true ;)If that's not enough around Christmas time I called my mom and said "hey mom, I just got hired to shoot the cover of Exquisite Weddings" She was super happy for me and couldn't wait to see me on the cover, ha ha. i explained to her it wasn't a self portrait. So, it turns out that my picture is in the magazine because Lindsay and Justina picked me as one of their favorite vendors... Alas my mom is very proud that her little girl has her picture in a magazine. I take it back Jeff - both of our dreams came true, ha ha.exq289.jpgSo please check out the cool pics and great articles. Alyssa the newly annointed creative director rocked this issue. Here are some pics about the cover shoot!Hats off to Kaleb Scott Photographs for letting me rent his studio and being the best assistant known to woman. I'm trying to get him to blog a "who the heck is kaleb" post, so stay tuned. Also Ray Thomas did the gorgeous make up, who else right?? Suzie Ramos is the gorgeous model who was really amazing to work with, really lovely and absolutely beautiful. We shot a wonderful Cake from CAKE -suzanne hearts CAKE and beautiful flowers from Annette Gomez.So basically I had the team of a lifetime, I'm a lucky girl. Enjoy the pics!!air kisses,suzanneSuzie and her support team!


exq289.jpgthis one made the cover!!



Suzie's hair is so rad








Whitney modeling some of Annette's bouquets



whitney testing the light the day before

I love Whit, she cracks me up.  These 2 are from the day before testing the lighting.  Who wouldn't want to work with someone as fun as her?

whitney is so funny!

Jeff and Lauren!!! a few from their engagement






the end:  True story. Suzanne age 32